Passionate Spirituality

  • We want to be a church that is passionate about our relationship with Jesus. We want to pursue Him through knowing Him as our Father! As His kids, we want to put the highest of priority on studying The Word, on prayer, and asking the questions, "what is God saying to me?" and "What am I going to do about it?" We practice passionate spirituality by:
    • Preaching and teaching the Bible as the inspired, inerrant Word of God

    • Prioritizing prayer as an integral part of everything we do, including
    • leaning into the Holy Spirit and His prompting in our lives
  • To learn more about what we believe, click here

Radical Community

  • We believe that God has designed his church to be so much more than a service or gathering. We are the son's and daughter's of God, so by default, we brothers and sisters. The church that we see in the Bible experienced a counter cultural sort of community that we long to experience ourselves. We practice radical community by:
    • prioritizing the communal aspect of our faith on Sunday mornings.
    • offering various ministries that emphasize doing life with one another.
    • gathering people in homes for fellowship, a meal, prayer, and worship. We call those groups Life Groups.
    • You can learn more about Life Groups here

Missional zeal