At the River, we have 7 values at the core of who we are and what we do. We believe these 7 values are the things that Christ has called us to as a church


  • We value people regardless of their "baggage" or life mishaps. Jesus did. We know that every person needs redemption from something so we avoid judging people based on what God redeems them from.

 Worship & Teaching

  • Throughout history God has used heartfelt, passionate worship and clear, relevant teaching to capture the hearts and minds of people. We are committed to helping people experience God, and find answers to life's many questions.

Authentic Living

  • We believe that our God and our culture demand transparent lives. We believe that authenticity frees people and glorifies God. We are striving to be real with God and with each other since we're all imperfect anyway.


  • Life change happens best in community. We believe in doing life together: accountability, belonging, spiritual growth, and fun! We think that smaller groups of people doing life together will accommodate transformation in each person's spiritual condition.


  • God intends for us to serve our community. We seek to help meet the physical and emotional needs of those around us.


  • We believe in a team-oriented approach to fulfilling our mission. Teams function best when people help each other find their niche in ministry.


  • We believe that spiritually healthy people reproduce other spiritually healthy people. The Bible calls the process of reproducing spiritually healthy people "discipleship." We practice it. We think every person, group and ministry at The River, and The River itself, is mandated to multiply and reproduce itself.