What is baptism?

  • We simply believe that baptism is the Biblical response of saying "yes" to Jesus! We practice full immersion into water as was practiced in the early days of Christianity.

Why is it important?

  • This is important first and foremost because it is commanded in Scripture. There is nothing special about the water in our tank. It isn't the water that is important, rather, it is publicly acknowledging the fact that your life has been made new in Jesus.

Why is it in front of the whole church?

  • Some people want to be baptized, but are fearful of doing it in front of the entire church! This is understandable and can seem really intimidating! But what we believe about baptism is that it is showing yourself, and others, that your life has been changed. If we are going to go out into the world to make Jesus famous, then we need to start by getting in front of our family of believers.

How do I take this step in my faith?

  • First, spend some time thanking Jesus for saving you!

  • Pray about taking this huge step in your faith.

  • Email one of our staff to get it set up

  • Or fill out the the form below for our next baptism service!

  • That's it! Someone from our team will begin the process with you once you are registered!

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