football Sunday 2018

Today is the big game! For those of you that couldn't make it today, or want to see it again, we wanted to make the message available to you all!. We believe that this message has the power to not only get you excited for the Super Bowl, but also to challenge and encourage you as you follow Jesus each and every day. We invite you and your family to watch the message together, then take communion (you don't need bread and grape juice! Anything will do!) and remember what Jesus did for us on the cross. We also invite you to give back to the Lord with your tithes and offerings which you can do below. We thank each of you for your commitment to our church and to our vision of bringing life to dead places. We love you all! Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Watch the Football Sunday Message Below:

Watch Richardson's Preaching Camp Video Below:


We hope to see you this Wednesday night for Watershed at 6:30pm!

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We also hope you will join us next Sunday as we begin a new series called generoUS.